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Advertising and advertising systems in Austria

Your advertising communication indoors and outdoors

Advertising systems in Austria

Your brand or your product in the heart of the most important cities in Austria

Europe Media, advertising agency, has been the benchmark for INDOOR and OUTDOOR communication in Europe for years and is proud to present “Austria ADV”, the line of products and media specifically designed for communication and advertising in the city sector. of Austria, Gratz | Linz | Salzburg | Innsbruck

Citylight advertising systems. Bus and tram stops | Digital & No Digital

No Digital Dimensions: Poster 120x180cm – SOV: Poster 1/3

Duration: 7 days

Dimensions: 84 inches – SOV: Poster 1/6 – Duration: 10 sec.

Advertising duration: 7 days

City Coverage – Citylight No Digital Circuit

Gratz: 120 sides
Linz: 120 sides
Salzburg: 50 sides
Innsbruck: 35 sides
City Coverage – CityLight Digital Circuit

Gratz: 11 screens
Linz: 13 screens
Salzburg: 11 screens
Our commitment is to coordinate and plan in every detail your advertising campaign on bus shelters in major cities in Austria.

Positioned in strategic points, they guarantee prestige and great visibility.

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