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Years of experience, first as an Agency and today as an Advertising Concessionaire, have allowed Europe Media to develop and implement the new division of Centro Media & Consulting with a clear mission: to follow and satisfy a customer at 360 °. Advertising has a fundamental impact in influencing the purchase decision and the recognition of a brand by users, who are involved by images, sounds, graphics, calls to action but above all by the story that advertising tells and emotions. that it transmits. A clear and timely message has always been the main weapon for winning new potential followers / leads.
Each Advertising or Promotion action implies fundamental analysis steps to build the best possible roadmap.


Following a first phase of EVALUATION AND DEFINITION of the OBJECTIVES of the communication campaign, of the target in terms of KPI, turnover and growth in the reference market, Europe Media will carry out a MEDIA ANALYSIS and PLANNING, a strategic consultancy for the drafting of an effective MEDIA PLAN specifically made for the customer.

Brand Awareness

Making yourself known and recognized by your target audience is an essential phase of the marketing strategy.

Products and Services

Being aware of your company and its services is essential to have a clear recognition on the market, within a specific target segment.

Let's do it


Let's take Well



Before any advertising initiative, it is necessary to know the target audience, their habits, what they can appreciate and what type of brand or product they want to buy.


We analyze the ranking of the brand or product compared to the competition. This too is necessary to enter the market by differentiating or enhancing its offer.

Exhibition and Contents

The creative, emotional or expressive role is yet another piece, a choice of how we want to present the brand or product to the public.

Business conditions

We focus on performance: the most useful solutions are not always the ones with the lowest price … and vice versa

Linear approach

Or Exceptional?

Creativity must be


Content is The King

The content strategy must include a series of guidelines which will then be adapted to each medium to be used. On the basis of our tailor-made media plan, we can give a further point of view that integrates perfectly with the creative part, which often – alone – does not take into account the context of a specific advertising channel.

The Media are the Queens

Operational Means Plan

Before choosing and buying advertising spaces, you need to know the world of media perfectly and understand how much they can be indicated or not for the product of the campaign, as well as the target audience must correspond to our communication target.

The media plan is a strategic document, a communication ecosystem that has the main task of guiding all the activities necessary to achieve the set objectives. A targeted and well-planned communication plan integrated with the selected media will allow the ROI to be effective, expressing the right concept at the right time, planning with which means, budget and timing the message will be conveyed externally.

We know

The world of media