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Europe Media, Dealer and advertising center, has been the contact point for advice and planning for all INDOOR, OUTDOOR, MEDIA and DYNAMIC communication in United Kingdom and in 14 other European countries for years.

Europa Media is proud to present to all its Customers a rich and prestigious park of systems, means and advertising media specially selected for an effective advertising campaign with national and international urban and extra-urban characteristics.

Europe Media is an interlocutor who is able to successfully plan advertising campaigns “ATL” and “BTL” by exploiting the full potential of a growing know-how and plant heritage:

Careful strategy of media plan (planning) will allow you to place the advertising message in the right position on any medium by inserting it into every program and radio-tv web program to meet the client’s goal and their relative ROI calculate.

Our strength is to propose, share and plan advertising campaigns to the client, adapted to all needs and budgets and moving on the UK and European territory in more than 300 cities, thanks to a wealth of advertising systems that are constantly growing and in To be renewed over the years. Time to always guarantee the highest quality.

We’ll provide you with a team with the right mix of experience and creativity to create your communication from scratch and apply it to all media selected for ADV programming.
Every solution you are looking for for your advertising is part of our business.

Media Center

Years of experience, initially as an agency and now as an advertising concessionaire, have enabled Europe Media to develop and implement the new Centro Media division with a very clear mission: to follow a customer at 360 ° and to satisfy them.

Advertising has a fundamental impact in that it influences the purchase decision and the recognition of a brand by users, through images, sounds, graphics, calls to action, but above all through the story that advertising tells and the emotions it conveys, be involved. A clear and timely message has always been the primary weapon for attracting new potential subscribers / prospects.

Every advertising or promotional campaign involves basic analysis steps in order to create the best possible roadmap.


After a first phase of EVALUATION AND DEFINITION of the GOALS of the communication campaign, the goal in terms of KPI, turnover and growth in the reference market, Europe Media will carry out a MEDIA ANALYSIS and PLANNING, strategic advice for the elaboration of an effective MEDIA PLAN specially developed for the customer.


In this phase we are working on these main evaluations:

– Brand awareness, getting known to your target audience is an essential phase of the marketing strategy

– Products and services that describe what you do and who you are are essential for clear recognition in the market within a specific target segment

– Audience, we like to analyze who your audience is, what they like and what they dislike, and what kind of brand or product they want to buy.

– Positioning, we analyze the positioning of your brand or your product in comparison to the competition.

– Exhibition and content-related, creative and emotional analysis of how we want to present the brand or product to the public

– Price and terms and conditions, the price is sometimes important, but it is related to the image of the brand and the product you want to establish in the market.


The mid-plan is an operational document and the result of an upstream strategy. Before choosing and buying advertising space, it is necessary to have a perfect knowledge of the media world and to understand how well it can or cannot be indexed for the campaign product, and the target group must match our communication goal. It is a strategic document, a communication ecosystem, the main task of which is to guide all the activities necessary to achieve the goals set. A good communication plan expresses the right concept at the right time by planning the means, budget, and schedule to get the message across. In order to create a communication plan, you have to be open to all available media, to all points of contact that you can activate and that have to be viewed critically and disaffected. It also means you have the option to exclude media to optimize your budget.


We can summarize this phase into three main processes:

– Analysis of the goals and the goal to be achieved

– Choice of communication channels

– design of flights, d. H. the approximate time / schedule in which the communication will be scheduled


At this point we can add advice and assistance to the COMMUNICATION CONTENT ANALYSIS, which aims to analyze the communication message in terms of form and content, adapted to the media plan.


The communication plan must contain a content strategy, ie a set of guidelines, which are then adapted to each medium to be used. In fact, on the basis of our tailor-made media plan, we can specify a further perspective that fits perfectly into the creative part, which often – alone – does not take into account the context of a particular advertising channel.


Our mission is to offer a very wide range of communication solutions with the will to explore and create new channels for your company’s communication, new vehicles for dissemination and new communication trends.

The main goal of Europe Media is to get the message across to customers in a capillary and efficient manner and to implement their business with the best possible form and communication strategy, with every available budget, for every need.

Thanks to its passion, determination and careful analysis, Europe Media is considered one of the frontrunners in the professional field as a media center.

Europe Media is a light, dynamic and fast company, consisting of a young team of experts in communication development and growth, followed by management with extensive experience in commercial and technical professions.

Europe Media uses the best technologies and tools so that the customer can rely on us for an in-depth analysis of the development of their brand on a national and European level.

Europe Media develops its growth in synergy with the customer in the areas of interest of Nielsen.

The internal experience of careful benchmarking of the competition is compared with the product and a specific plan of attack is developed so that the brand can establish itself through targeted recognition and confirmation campaigns.

Europe Media is able to promote advertising campaigns for a single product or a range of products and services.

To do this, Europe Media calls in external certification bodies to check the results both before and after the campaign.

The results are obtained through a survey analysis of the public in the field, they are compared with the sales data of the company with that of the market and the considered Nielsen zone.

At the end of the program Europe Media develops a careful analysis of the ROI and the KPI and compares this with the original goals.

The victorious weapon of Europe Media is the Quality Control Department, which gradually examines the results of the presence of the advertised products in the area, the experience of the sellers and the visibility of the campaigns we promote and spread in the area. .

Trust a professional, trust Europe Media.